Structure Protection and Seismic Control Solutions from ITT Enidine

ITT Enidine Inc. offers a diversified portfolio of seismic products for infrastructure protection.

How much does an earthquake cost? The economic damage is immeasurable. The emotional fallout is inconceivable. But the structural impact is unmistakable.

Your designs need to be more enduring. More resilient. More lasting than ever before.

Take your durability and survivability to the next level. Turn to ITT Enidine’s portfolio of infrastructure seismic control solutions and 20-plus years of experience. Our highly engineered structure protection components and custom solutions are built to take on whatever Mother Nature can dish out.

World-Class Earthquake Protection Products—Delivered

The widest portfolio of seismic protection and seismic isolation technologies. The fastest service in the industry. The highest quality of testing around. That’s the power of lean manufacturing and 100 percent in-house development. No matter what seismic protection solutions you need, we get the job done. On time. Every time.


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Leading with Technology
Learn from our technical experts about the latest innovations and trends in seismic protection and infrastructure technologies.
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At ITT we pride ourselves on providing quality seismic components needed for critical infrastructure applications.