Vibration Isolation with HERM Safeguard Refineries and Critical Storage

Electronics, Cabinets and Container IsolationElectronics, Cabinets and Container Isolation
Need seismic protection for electronics? How about cabinets or containers? We have a wide range of leading vibration isolation with HERM solutions. 

Vibration Isolation with HERM (High Energy Rope Mounts) Specifications:
  • HERM (14 Hz Deck)
  • Standard Product Selection
  • Shipboard Design Expertise
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Multi-Axis Isolation
  • Minimum Sway Space

Energy Absorption for RefineriesStorage Facility Seismic Isolation

Did You Know...

50 miles

The distance tremors from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel.

Over 1.4 million

The amount of earthquakes that occur every year.


The number of earthquakes recorded daily.


How many earthquakes of magnitudes 6 and up occur annually.


How much more damage areas lacking building standards incur.


The proportion of the world’s earthquakes that take place within the Pacific Rim.

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