Elastomeric Bearings Protect Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

Platform and Structure DampingOil and Gas Platform and Structure Damping
In the harshest offshore oil and gas environments our platform and structure damping solutions with elastomeric bearings provide reliable seismic protection. 

Crtical Structure Damping with Elastomeric Bearings Specifications:
  • Rubber Isolation Bearings
  • Tuned mass dampers for high value assets in offshore applications
  • High or low damping configurations
  • Can be applied in parallel with viscous damper technology
  • 6 to 21 inch diameter

Elastomeric Bearings in Action
ExxonMobil‘s Oil & Gas Platform / Drilling Rig, Sakhalin Islands
  • Equipment: Oil-Gas Platform
  • Qualification: After requirements on hydraulic test bench
  • Solution: Tuned mass elastomer damper
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Did You Know...

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The distance tremors from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel.

Over 1.4 million

The amount of earthquakes that occur every year.


The number of earthquakes recorded daily.


How many earthquakes of magnitudes 6 and up occur annually.


How much more damage areas lacking building standards incur.


The proportion of the world’s earthquakes that take place within the Pacific Rim.

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