ITT Enidine—Who We Are

Protecting Vital Structures around the World
Chimney Protection
More than 9,000 employees worldwide. Diversified design and manufacturing.
World-class testing capabilities. 

ITT Corporation’s Enidine brand delivers highly engineered custom components for seismic protection in the most challenging environments. From the Eifel Tower to San Diego’s Coronado Bridge to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, we safeguard the world’s most valuable structures every day. 

Need innovative solutions? We deliver.
Our network of R&D facilities and
research partners is unmatched.

Check out our full line of seismic protection components today. Whether it’s custom seismic control or standard structural protection challenges, we solve it.
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Did You Know...

50 miles

The distance tremors from a magnitude 7 earthquake can travel.

Over 1.4 million

The amount of earthquakes that occur every year.


The number of earthquakes recorded daily.


How many earthquakes of magnitudes 6 and up occur annually.


How much more damage areas lacking building standards incur.


The proportion of the world’s earthquakes that take place within the Pacific Rim.

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